Together Apart

Each day my soul ascends
Constitution Hill
Right outside my window
All rock and clingy brush
I follow the well worn paths
With my eyes
Saying I will go today
I will go today

I am crazy to wait
For you
You won’t wait
Like the hard face of rock
You just are
And I can’t seem to be
For I am and stuck with am
Only my soul will be

There on that hill
On that bench by the bend
On that well worn path
Clasping hands
Eyes mirroring
Your question
My answer
Or the other way around

Embracing but not quite
Waiting for me
You are as crazy as I
Like the hard face of rock
I am and can only be am
But you can be
You will be
You should not wait

Oh how my soul ascends
It’s right outside my window
But I can’t go
I should not go
I won’t go
You are there now
I am and can only be am
You can and will be

1:06 am
25 October 2007

The view from my window now: not rock but sea, and the beautiful Manila Bay sunset.

Published by Jazmin Llana

Hello, I am Jazmin Llana. I work in higher education in the Philippines with arts and humanities as my subject area. Here you can find links to my published essays and current projects.

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